2. WHO AM I ? Amazon Affiliate program | make money online

I first heard about Niche Blogging from Nichepursuits When his Main website got hit by Google update due to PBN linking.I found the ideas, concepts, and implementation of niche websites very Interesting.
In just a couple of days, I found some Authority websites like Authority website income, Cloudliving as well as Niche pursuits and read everything I could and Bookmarked their several Posts.
My goal was Creating a website which can generate $100-200/month Passive income for me. I did learn a lot along the way, most importantly that I needed to move on to a new, more profitable project.
Very excited to begin, I created a couple of websites that flopped. They were plagued Due to poor Keywords research and Thin content.
But I didn’t stopped and bought few other domains and started writing that day. After a month, the site had several articles with AVG 4000 words.
The goal of this course is to teach you how to create a brand new affiliate website that generates revenue of $500 or more per month.
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