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Social media optimization

What is Social Media Optimization?

By now, everyone has heard of search engine optimization, which is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine results through manipulations in a website’s code, structure, and content. But as the Internet has grown and social media has evolved, social media optimization has become of paramount importance.

Social Media Optimization is the method of social media activity in order to attract target marketed visitors to your website content. The concept behind social media optimization is simple: implement changes to optimize a site so that it is more easily linked to, more highly visible in social media searches on custom search engines, and more frequently included in relevant posts on blogs and videos.

Many sites are rarely updated and used simply for content. To maximize social media optimization, we need to increase the linkability of the content. Such ideas for increasing linkability include adding an RSS fee, adding a blog, or posting videos.

Another way to increase linkability is to make sharing and bookmarking simple. Tagging and bookmarking can be made easier by inducting content features such as buttons like “add to delicious” or ‘like’ buttons for Facebook and other bookmarking sites. In addition to this, you can also include relevant tags to your pages besides the home page for the popular social bookmarking sites. Several plug-ins or widgets exist to add to your site to make social media optimization easier.

Allow your content to travel far within your target market. This can be done by including portable content such as PDFs, videos, and audio files, and submitting them to your list members and other related sites. This step will help you to create additional back links for your site.

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